Chitram Kaadhu Nijam (Telugu)

Published on August 1, 2017 by FreeFilmToday

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Chitram Kadu Nijam movie is a dubbed version of Kannada movie 6-5=2 and it is a real story. In 2010 Ramesh and his 5 friends had been to trekking, among them 3 died and 2 disappeared. 9 days later Ramesh’s camere was found and Video shot by the late Ramesh.

Story In Detail

The plot is based on the real story of six youths, who are enthusiastic and plan trekking. Chitram Kadu Nijam is more like a documentary than a movie. The movie opens with the narration for the story by Prakash, who was one among the six youths. Ramesh, who will be interested in cinematography will purchase a new camera and plans to shoot a documentary of their trekking.

He will be accompanied by his friends Naveen, Prakash, Kumar, Deepa and Sowmya. They all plan a trek in a forest, which is close to Mysore. They will register their name with forest guards and continues their journey. They will aim to finish the journey in a single day and return back. Unfortunately, the delayed journey will force them to stay back. They setup a camp somewhere inside the dense forest, where they come across unusual events.

They Ignores Unusual Happenings Six People come across many unusual happenings in and around their camp. They will think ‘Even usual things seems to be unusual in unknown place’, and ignore it.

Good Cinema Group and Sri Shailendra Productions are jointly producing the film in Telugu.


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