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Varun (Varun Tej) is a non-resident Indian who lives in Texas, United States of America with his elder brother Raju (Raja Chembolu) and adopted, younger brother Bujji (Aryan). He is a medical student aiming to become a Neurosurgeon. Varun comes to India along with his younger brother for Raju’s marriage to Renuka (Sharanya Pradeep), whose family hails from Banswada in Telangana. There he meets Bhanumathi (Sai Pallavi), Renuka’s younger sister. Bhanu is a bubbly and naughty girl who doesn’t want to feel secondary to anyone. Gradually Varun and Bhanu develop a liking for each other but don’t express it. Bhanu loves her father very dearly and doesn’t believe in leaving him after her marriage. One day, she overhears Varun talking to his cousin about the opportunities in the USA compared to India which he deems unfit for settling. Disheartened, Bhanu decides to forget Varun and her feelings for him and starts to ignore him. After his brother’s marriage Varun returns to the USA but can’t stop remembering Bhanu all the time. Hence decides to confess his love to her. But Bhanumathi gives him a rude answer which enrages Varun widening the rift between them even further. Bhanu finally agrees to marry a man of her father’s choice but realizes she isn’t comfortable with him even before marriage.

Meanwhile, Renuka becomes pregnant and is advised bed rest by the doctors. Bhanu is sent to the USA by her father to help Renuka cope up with the pregnancy. Varun starts being inconsiderate to Bhanu during her stay with them. This disturbs Bhanu and an argument takes place between them after which she decides to leave for India in a week. Before leaving, Bhanu decides to visit her friend in the USA and Varun is asked to drop Bhanu at her friend’s place. On the way, both make amends and decide to stay as good friends. During the course of their journey, both start rediscovering their feelings for each other. Before leaving at the airport, Bhanu runs to Varun and hugs him with tearful eyes. Varun understands that Bhanu still loves him and goes to India to ask her hand in marriage. Bhanu’s father advises her to follow her heart and marry Varun instead of the man he chose to which she agrees. Though she is happy that she is getting married to Varun, she is apprehensive about leaving her father and her village. After the wedding ceremony, Bhanu starts packing her luggage to leave for the USA. Renuka then tells her the truth that Varun actually gave up his life in the USA and decided to settle in her village. Overjoyed, Bhanu runs to Varun and asks him how he could do this to which he answers that she is his only world. Varun later decides to establish a hospital in the village and both of them live happily ever after.


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