Journy To The Center Of The Earth (Telugu)

Published on August 1, 2017 by FreeFilmToday

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The film received mixed reviews. It received a 61% “Fresh” rating by Rotten Tomatoes, based on 155 reviews, with 94 “Fresh” reviews and 61 “Rotten”. The site’s consensus is: “Modern visuals and an old fashioned storyline make this family adventure/comedy a fast-paced, kitschy ride.” The performance of Brendan Fraser has been also praised. Prairie Miller, from News Blaze, said: “Brendan Fraser’s playful force of personality rules, 3D or no 3D, one of the few funny guys who could grab attention away from a dinosaur in assault mode, in the center of the earth or anywhere else on the planet”.[12] Metacritic gave the film a 57, indicating “Mixed or Average reviews.”[13] Journey to the Center of the Earth opened at #3 in North America, behind Hellboy II: The Golden Army and Hancock. The film grossed $21,018,141 in 2,811 theaters in its first week of release with an average of $7,477. 57 percent of the opening gross was taken from theaters which showed the film in 3-D. In second weekend it dropped to $12,340,435 and in third to $9,717,217.[7] As of October 2009, the film has grossed $101,704,370 in the US and $139,157,146 foreign sales, with a total of $241,995,151 worldwide. The film has also had strong DVD sales.[14]



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