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Tubelight is a 2017 Indian Hindi period war drama film written and directed by Kabir Khan. The film is produced by Salman Khan and Kabir Khan. Set in the 1962 Sino-Indian War,[8] it stars Salman Khan, Sohail KhanZhu ZhuMatin Rey Tangu and Om Puri.[9] Shah Rukh Khan appears in a cameo in the film.[10] Julius Packiam and Pritam scored the music of the film, with the former composing the film score and latter composing the songs.[11]It is an adaptation of the 2015 American film Little Boy.[1]The film released on 23 June 2017.[4] This marks the last film appearance of Om Puri who died on January 6, 2017, shortly after completing the film.


Laxman Singh Bisht, an abnormal child who has been bullied by some children including Narayan and they call him “Tubelight” . His father was an alchoholic bus driver. Laxman soon gets his brother Bharat who defends him from same children who bullies him in many ways (including beating Narayan) so no one ever dares to bully him. During school days, M.K Gandhi (known as Mahatma Gandhi) has arrived there to teach children everything about faith, courage and belief. After India was freed from rule of British, Laxman and Bharat’s parents passes away and Gandhi gets murdered. They then grew up and their love of brotherhood gets more stronger. Suddenly, when Indian border gets attacked by Chinese Soldiers, Indian Army starts recruitment of Soldiers for Kumaon Regiment in order to stop tension at border. Laxman, Bharat and Narayam joins but Bharat gets selected. Narayan is rejected because of knock knees and Laxman gets rejected because of his abnormalities, but however he gets offered for a job as an informer/messenger for army. As Indian soldiers (including Bharat) reach Indian border (in which there was a huge tension), suddenly a war rages between India and China. Laxman too learns about it. Laxman suddenly meets a magician known as Goga Paasha and gets selected to test his faith to move bottle, after some attempts he succeeds even Narayan tries to tease him. Laxman again tries same thing with Banne Chacha but fails but Banne explains that “Faith moves a mountain” and also explains how will Laxman find and get his faith. Laxman suddenly observes Indo-Chinese women named as “Le Leing” and boy named as “Gu Won”, he then informs some people and they try to attack but they fail. Banne Chacha gets angry about this and advises him to befriend those women and boy to whom they tried to attack them because M.K Gandhi has not hated Britishers but learned from them to free India from British rule. After some attempts, Laxman finally succeeds to befriend Lening and Gu. Laxman tries to explain Indian army about Gu and Lening but he fails. During a war, Bharat and soldiers tries to escape but gets captured. Laxman learns about this and gets heartbroken, but Leing however consoles him to bring back his faith so he can get his brother back. Narayan tries to attack Gu but Laxman saves him. Narayan tries to convince Laxman not to befriend Chinese people or he will lose Bharat forever, but Leing explains Narayan that she and Gu are not only Chinese but Indians too. As Laxman tries to explain Narayan everything he learned from Gandhi (including a faithbcan move a mountain), Narayan challenges him to move a mountain and Laxman succeeds it as he brought an earthquake. After some days, he learns that 264 soldiers were martyred, he then tries again several times but soon he learns that he succeded in doing some thing as he learnt that war is stopped and border line emerged between India and China. They celebrate happiness of end of war, and Leing gets her lost father back in the process. But suddenly, war still contined on some parts and Bharat gets killed. After learning this Laxman gets shattered as he feels that people were right about him but Leing and Gu comforts him and bids farewell to return to Calcutta. Suddenly Gu, Leing and Laxman receives a news that Bharat is still alive but lost his memory and he gave his shoe to someone else. Laxman receives spare shoes from Narayan and enters medical camp with Banne, Gu and Leing. Laxman manages to get memories of Bharat back and gets reunited with happiness. In the end, Laxman narrates that Faith slowly wakes up, but when it wakes up, it lightens the world like “Tubelight” and Laxman is seen playing with Bharat.


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